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HCP series thin film into a power supply

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HCP series thin film into a power supply

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Product description
HCP film into a power supply
This series of power supply is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of aluminum foil manufacturers for sample formation test. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, high precision, high stability, high output voltage and current display precision, and can work at full load for a long time and adapt to aluminum foil. Harsh environment use by chemical companies and capacitor manufacturers
index parameter:
• Output voltage: 0 - 1000V (continuously adjustable) Output current: 0 - 1000A (continuously adjustable)
• Input voltage range: three phase: 350VAC - 450VAC 50Hz
• Output current stability: ≤ 1%
• Output voltage stability: ≤ 0.5%
• Efficiency: ≥90%
• Power factor: ≥0.9
• Corrugation coefficient: ≤ 3%
• Output mode: smooth output, pulsating output
• Cooling method: air-cooled / water-cooled
• Adapt to full load, continuous operation of medium and low electronic aluminum foil forming process conditions.
• It can be equipped with PLC control system and intelligent touch operating system, remote and near-ground operation with high control precision.
• The output waveform is stable, corroded, and the quality is stable.
• Manual and automatic switching control functions for slot voltage and terminal voltage feedback are set.
• Small size, light weight and high efficiency.
• Set overcurrent, three-phase unbalance, phase loss, over-temperature and aluminum foil foil protection.
Product use occasion:
This type of power supply is specially developed for electronic aluminum foil.
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