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DEM series exploration engineering professional rectifier power supply

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DEM series exploration engineering professional rectifier power supply

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DEM series exploration engineering professional rectifier power supply

The DEM series exploration engineering professional rectification power supply is the characteristic of our company for the field operation of exploration engineering. It is specially designed to have a good seismic effect, high power density, small volume, high power supply control precision and good stability.


Engineering geology (bridge, bridge foundation and bridge pier survey, roadbed, pavement and tunnel survey, reservoir, power station and underground engineering), environmental geology, hydrogeology, geotechnical engineering, resource exploration (oil, coal, metal ore, groundwater, etc.) Supporting power supply for industrial (survey) of liquid (gas) resources, geophysical and engineering quality testing, geological disaster management, etc.

Customer Testimonials:

Jilin University Chengdu University of Technology China University of Geosciences Shandong Agricultural University Central South University......

Technical indicators:

control method

(1) Local control method. (2) Automatic conversion of steady voltage and steady current, and state display;

input Output

Input: Three terminals and equipped with three-phase circuit breakers.
Output: Two-wire terminal.

Maximum power


Input voltage

AC/DC: Input range: three-phase 380±10% 50Hz±10% (output power 10-200kW)
Single phase 220±10% 50Hz±10% (output power 0.5-10kW)
DC/DC input DC range: 12VDC—1000VDC±10%

The output voltage

0—100% Umax Umax value 52,65,100,200,400,500,600,800,1000V, 2000V DC current rating according to requirements,
Power level 0.5-200kW, each power level is suitable for any rated voltage level output, the output voltage adjustment mode is multi-turn potentiometer adjustment with locking mechanism

Output current

0—100%Imax (selected according to customer's required power level) Continuously adjustable. Output current regulation mode is multi-turn potentiometer adjustment with locking mechanism

On-off level


Response time

≤8ms (when the load changes by 20%)

Machine efficiency

≥90% (full load)

Source effect

Voltage regulation and steady current accuracy: ≤ (full scale) 0.4% ± 1 word (measured at rated output power)

Load effect

Voltage regulation accuracy: ≤ (full scale) 0.4% ± 1 word (when the load changes by 20%)
Steady flow accuracy: ≤ (full scale) 0.4% ± 1 word (when the load changes by 20%)

Voltage ripple (rms)

≤0.4% (measured in steady current mode, rated output power, original power supply designed at 1%)

Display accuracy

Two four and a half heads respectively display the output voltage and output current, voltage display accuracy: 0.1V current display accuracy 0.01A

Protective function

Output overcurrent: protection overcurrent value adjustable when 110% of rated current is exceeded
Output overvoltage: protection overvoltage can be adjusted when 110% of rated voltage is exceeded
Output short circuit: power supply output short circuit automatic constant current
Overheating of the whole machine: protection when the power module temperature exceeds 70 degrees Celsius
All kinds of protection should be provided with instructions.

temperature humidity

-20 to +70 degrees Celsius; 90% non-condensing

Way of working

Long-term full load continuous operation

Mean time between failures

≥50000 hours

Insulation resistance
Earthquake resistance

Between input and output and between output/input and cabinet: >200MΩ;
The control circuit board is treated with three anti-treatments, and the design structure is reasonable, which is suitable for the seismic requirements of the three-level road transportation in the field.

cooling method

Radiator forced air cooling


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