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ZJKD Special power supply for special equipment

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ZJKD Special power supply for special equipment

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Product description

ZJKD Special power supply for special equipment 

The special power supply for special equipment adopts soft switching power supply technology, which is suitable for high-power mobile DC power supply system with high power density and strong overload capability, which facilitates migration between different work sites. The surface of the power supply shell is treated with special anti-corrosion and water-repellent treatment, and its integrated internal (full-sealed) integrated structure makes the power supply resistant to extreme environments such as humidity, corrosion, mold, salt spray, vibration shock, high heat and cold. strong ability. Easy to install and connect, output voltage and current can be customized according to user requirements.

Main Specifications:

Input voltage

360—450VAC  50Hz

Voltage regulation (CV)

0-100% Umax Umax value is customized according to customer requirements

Current regulation (CC)

0-100%Imax Umax value is customized according to customer requirements

Working temperature

 -40 ° C ~ +55 ° C

Efficiency (rated power)


Source effect

<±0.1% FS (measured at rated output power)

Load effect

<±0.1% FS (measured at rated output power)


300Hz:(Vp-p)<1.1%FS     300Hz(rsm)<0.4%FS

Output noise

40KHz—1MHz  Vp-p<1.5V

Soft start


Transient response time


Power factor

>0.92(full load)

Display accuracy

LED digital tube display (accuracy is determined according to customer requirements)

Protection method

Overcurrent, overvoltage, phase loss, short circuit automatic protection

Way of working

Long-term full load continuous operation

Insulation withstand voltage

Input to the chassis (AC1500V / min), input to output (AC1000V / min), output to the chassis (AC500V / min) leakage current <10mA

Insulation resistance

Input to the shell, input to output: DCC000V ≥ 200MΩ output to the housing: DC500V ≥ 200MΩ Output to output: DC250V ≥ 200MΩ 

Control interface

RS485 or RS232 standard interface (optional)

cooling method

Forced air cooling

Product use occasion:
In the harsh environment of special equipment vehicles, subway equipment and scientific research experiments, the requirements for power quality are relatively high.
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