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JAD series capacitor ripple test power supply

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Product name

JAD series capacitor ripple test power supply

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Product description
JAD series capacitor ripple test power supply
JAD series capacitor ripple power supply is a capacitor special test power supply, which can simulate the actual working conditions of the capacitor to determine the endurance life of the measured capacitor, and provide a true quality basis for the reliability test of the capacitor product. The power supply has continuous adjustable test voltage. It is easy to operate, safe and reliable, and is widely used in laboratories, quality inspection centers, capacitor production line quality inspection, quality management and purchase inspection.
The power supply adopts advanced 32-bit DSP digital control technology, high power output frequency precision, small waveform distortion, high timing accuracy, RS485 interface, and can control and monitor the real-time voltage and current of the capacitor and automatic temperature detection. The computer automatically records the test data of the capacitor to improve the accuracy of the test data.
Product performance characteristics
• With RS485 interface, the user's computer can control the power on/off switch, set the test voltage, current, frequency, test time, display the test voltage, current, frequency, test time and power supply working status, save the tested test in real time. The test data of the capacitor is convenient for inquiry.
• AC and DC superimposed output, DC voltage 1% - rated value adjustable, AC voltage, current 1% - rated value adjustable;
• LCD screen display, high degree of intelligence.
• Compatible test fixtures and connected high temperature cables for customer operation (optional)
• Automatic timing function: The test time can be arbitrarily set from 1-9999 hours, the time is automatically turned off and the alarm saves the current time;
• Temperature monitoring: The surface temperature of the capacitor can be automatically detected.

Technical Parameters:
DC part technical parameters

Parameter item

Technical indicators

Rated input voltage

Ac three phase 380V 10% 50Hz 10%

Output voltage and current

DC 0 ~ rating continuously adjustable 

Source effect should be

0.1% (measured at rated maximum value)

Effect of load

0.1% (measured at rated maximum value)

Display resolution

Voltage 1V error: 0.5%, current 0.1a

Setting precision

Voltage: 0.5%FS current: 0.5%FS

Accuracy of measurement

Voltage: 0.5%FS+5dgt current: 0.5%FS+5dgt t 

Ripple RMS

Less than or equal to 0.1% (measured at full range)

The output efficiency


Dielectric strength

Input-output, input-housing: AC1500V10mA,1 minute

Insulation resistance

Input - output and input - casing, output - 20 m Ω chassis or greater

Protect the way

Over voltage, over current, over temperature, short circuit protection, etc

Voltage current display

LCDLCD liquid crystal display

Time setting

0-9999 hour

Voltage and current setting mode

This machine is connected to the touch screen, external control RS485 communication (MODBUS protocol)

Communication part of technical parameters:

Parameter item

Technical indicators

Rated input voltage

AC three-phase 380V±15% 50Hz±10%

Output voltage, current adjustment range

  0---Rated voltage value continuously adjustable

Output frequency

50-400Hz 1kHz 2kHz----100kHz segmentation setting error 1%

Output sine wave

Distortion ≤5%

display resolution

Voltage 0.1V error: ±1%, current 1A error: ±1%

Setting accuracy

Voltage: 0.5% FS Current: 0.5% FS

measurement accuracy

Voltage: 0.5% FS + 5dgt Current: 0.5% FS + 5dgt t  

output method


Voltage and current regulation

Touch screen, external control RS485 communication

Rated output efficiency


Use environment

Ambient temperature: -10-40 °C 15%-80% RH no condensation Environmental elevation: 2000m

Dielectric strength

Input-output, input-case: AC1500V, 10mA, 1 minute

Product use occasion:
Capacitor ripple and withstand voltage test of capacitor manufacturers.

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