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WBP water treatment DC power supply

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Product name

WBP water treatment DC power supply

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Product description
WBP series water treatment DC power supply

The WBP series power supply is a high-power DC power supply specially developed for sewage treatment equipment. It can provide powerful electrolysis power and has good protection functions to ensure the safe operation of the whole system. The power supply can be controlled by a single-chip computer to control the output state of the power supply, which can improve the purification effect of ozone on the sewage. According to the physical parameters such as the composition, concentration and temperature of the harmful substances, the output voltage, current, frequency, and occupation of the power supply are passed through the upper computer control interface. The ratio and cycle are adjusted in real time. This power supply has been widely used in large-scale steel plants, chemical companies and other sewage disposal fields, as well as solid waste landfill harmless treatment, anti-leakage detection, sludge treatment, desalination and so on.

Product performance characteristics
• It adopts IGBT to form a unique output commutating circuit design, which has longer service life and more stable performance. (Compared to the use of contactor commutation, sparks and arcs are generated when the contactor contacts are attracted, which poses a safety hazard. At the same time, the contactor contacts are easily oxidized and rusted, which affects the output accuracy of the power supply.)
• The output polarity switching, switching machine, output voltage and current setting can be controlled by local control or wireless control or user host computer. The output setting can also be controlled by external dry node or analog signal.
• The output voltage polarity can be manually/automatically reversed as required (automatic reverse time can be set).
• The pulse frequency is adjustable from 1Hz to 2KHz, and the duty cycle is adjustable from 10% to 100%.
• Diversified output waveforms: DC, square wave, pulse.
• High degree of intelligence: RS485 interface is provided, which can be connected with the host computer to form an intelligent monitoring power supply. The host computer can adjust and monitor the output voltage, current, duty cycle and cycle of the power supply in real time according to requirements (optional)
• It adopts all-digital control system with good dynamic characteristics and high stability.
• Unique internal design of the chassis, perfect three-proof measures, greatly reducing the corrosion of the equipment and improving the service life of the power supply equipment
• This power supply has perfect protection functions such as phase loss, over voltage, over current, over temperature and short circuit.
• Can use various manual control, timer control, touch screen, host computer and other control methods
• Provide RS485 interface or standard 4~20mA, 0~10V, 0~5V control signals
Product use occasion:
Water treatment power application fields; electroplating wastewater treatment, industrial sewage treatment, domestic sewage treatment, wastewater electrolysis, etc.;
User witness:
Nanjing Bidun Environmental Protection Jiangsu Jingyuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Tenglong Aromatics (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. China Resources Power Hunan Co., Ltd. . . .

The main technical parameters:



Single-phase 220V 10% (output power 6kW and below)

Three-phase 380V 10% (output power 6kW and above)



The power factor


Lose,Out of the,sex


0 ~ rated voltage value continuously adjustable (voltage range optional)


0- rated current value continuously adjustable (current range optional)


1kw-500kw (depending on voltage and current)


Constant DC

Voltage stability accuracy


Power Efficiency

≥90% (rated condition)

Operation display

LED digital display or LCD touch screen operation panel

control function

Constant voltage, constant current control, local / remote (optional)

Way of working

It can run continuously for a long time at full load.

Protective function

Input over, under voltage, output short circuit, over voltage, over current, internal overheat protection
Can be shorted or shorted for a long time.

Voltage regulation accuracy

Source effect: ≤0.1% of rated value

Time drift: ≤0.3% of rated value

Temperature drift: ≤0.5‰/°C±2 words (within half an hour)

Voltage and current display mode

LED digital tube or LCD display

Output display resolution

1V 1A

Boot shock

≤ 2% Rated voltage


Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity


cooling method

Air cooled






Power output can be customized according to different application requirements, square wave single pulse, multi-pulse, pulse frequency setting, special waveform setting, duty cycle setting, positive and negative phase setting, programmable control setting, analog quantity control (0-10v or 4-20ma) and other different combination characteristics of power supply


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