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REP series energy feedback power supply

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Product name

REP series energy feedback power supply

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Product description
REP series feedback type bidirectional DC power supply  
REP high-precision bidirectional DC power supply is a IGBT high-precision, high-reliability, programmable, automatic bidirectional DC power supply with bipolar conversion architecture. Its DC output characteristics are highly accurate and highly dynamic, and have a The function of the grid feedback energy adopts full digital control, high control precision, fast response speed, wide output adjustment range, and output programmable function. It can be applied to many applications through different control software.
Product performance characteristics:
• Working mode can be selected: Constant voltage, constant current, constant power working mode
• Full-bridge phase-shift soft-switching technology, the whole machine efficiency is over 90%.
• High input power factor: full load up to 0.99
• PWM rectification plus DC/DC two-stage circuit can achieve a wide output voltage range.
High precision and fast dynamic response;
• IGBT bidirectional rectification, full-bridge IGBT inverter technology, fast transient response,
Features such as short recovery time. Meet the needs of energy feedback in motor testing.
• It has perfect protection measures and can be unattended when the power supply is running.
• Adopting two-pole transformation, IGBT-type circuit mode, pure digital chemical frequency isolation power supply, leading technology;
• High precision: output voltage accuracy 0.1% FS
• In the test of electric vehicle motor and charging pile, no load energy is consumed, and the reverse current can be fed back to the power grid in real time; it has the outstanding advantages of energy saving, green environmental protection;
• High degree of intelligence: large-screen LCD display, power supply parameters can be adjusted within the full range, convenient for customer settings. It has remote control communication interface such as RS485, with local operation and upper computer operation function, equipped with upper computer software and external communication function;
Typical motor electronic control test block diagram Friendly human-machine dialogue interface
Product use occasion:
 • Electric vehicle motor, controller test
• Energy storage system converter test
• Electric vehicle transmission system, powertrain system test
• Battery pack, battery pack charge and discharge test
• Special electric vehicle motor, controller test
• Capacitor, super capacitor charge and discharge test
• Special electric vehicle transmission system, powertrain system test
• UPS, EPS system test
• Ship electric drive, electric drive system test
• DC screen system test
• Motor system test
• Alternative battery powered test occasions
• Charger, charging pile test
User witness
BYD Auto Industry Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Dadi Electric Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Dianqing Technology Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Auto Electric Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Yidong Machinery Co., Ltd. Wuxi Zhonglian Nengchuang Power Technology Co., Ltd. Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd. ......



Input power phase

Three-phase four-wire system





The output


The output voltage





Output way

               Bus single output/double output

Rated current


Peak current


Rated power


Peak power


The peak time


Voltage accuracy


The response time

5ms (10%-90% sudden loading)

Switch time

(no more than 10ms)

Voltage ripple (RMS)




Feedback power

Full power segment energy feedback

Current distortion

< 3% (total current waveform)

The power factor


The output voltage

342 ~ 418Vac phase ac

Frequency range

47.5 ~ 51.5hz (allowable grid frequency)

Communications and operation


HMI touch screen

External communication

RS485 / CAN (optional)

To protect the

The input

Over pressure, over current, missing phase

The output

Over pressure, over temperature, over current

Environmental conditions and security

Protection grade

IP21 (indoor)

Cooling way

Forced air cooling

The environment temperature


Relative humidity

10-90% (The condensation)


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