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DSP series high precision programmable high power DC switch (within 500KW)

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DSP series high precision programmable high power DC switch (within 500KW)

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Product description
With the rapid development of China's industrial manufacturing industry, the demand for power supply capacity in the industry of motor debugging, electric railway, battery manufacturing, etc. is constantly increasing. The power switching power supply is small in size, light in weight, high in efficiency, reliable in quality, stable in performance and The advantages of easy maintenance and so on have become more and more popular among users. This series of power supply consists of high-power IGBT full-bridge inverter, power factor correction circuit, high-frequency transformer and Schottky diode. The main circuit is composed of high-performance digital signal processing controller. The intelligent control panel can be used. As a human-machine interface, communicate with the host computer to realize intelligence
Main performance characteristics:
• Small size and light weight (equivalent to one-third of the volume and weight of a linear power supply or thyristor power supply of the same power)
• High efficiency (efficiency of over 92%) and stable performance.
• High power factor (power factor up to 0.95 or more)
• High precision (output voltage accuracy of 0.1% or more).
• Stand-alone power up to 500 kW. Choose the custom output maximum voltage and current value.
• Complete protection functions: over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, phase loss, short-circuit automatic cut-off output, trip protection;
• Variety of parameter settings; optional rotary positioner or touch button
• Diversified display modes: LED digital tube display or LCD smart LCD display.
• Built-in short-circuit feedback feature, allowing long-term short circuit or short circuit (current limit).
• Output waveform customization: smooth DC, one-way pulse, bidirectional pulse, special waveform. Constant voltage, constant current, constant power control, control mode bumpless switching
• Real-time monitoring of the power system via the RS485 (or RS232) standard interface of the computer (optional)
• PLC interface function: Control the adjustable output of the rectifier through the signal output from the DA module of the PLC, as well as the monitoring of voltage, current and various operating parameters (optional)
Product use occasion: 
Suitable for laboratory, electronic equipment aging, motor soft start, motor excitation, electric heating, capacitor aging, battery charging, industrial electrolysis, crystal growth, communication, factory electrical equipment, oven and environmental test power supply.

The main technical parameters:

Feature type

Parameter item

Technical Parameters

Input characteristics

Input voltage

 380VAC±10%  50Hz

Output characteristics

The output voltage

0-100% Umax adjustable Umax value is customized according to user requirements

Output current

0-100%Imax adjustable Imax value is customized according to user requirements

Output Power

The output power of the single unit is customized within 500KW according to user requirements.

Voltage protection value

0-110% Umax can be set


≥92% (measured at 80%~100% rated output)

Constant pressure accuracy

Source effect: ≤0.1% DC output voltage setting value (when the source voltage changes ±10%)
Time drift: ≤0.3% of rated value (when continuous working time is greater than 8 hours)
Temperature drift: ≤0.4‰/°C (in the temperature range, the rate of change caused by temperature change)
Load effect: ≤0.1% of rated value (when the output current changes from zero to the rated value)

Constant current accuracy

Source effect: ≤0.1% DC output current setting value (when source voltage changes ±10%)
Time drift: ≤0.3% of rated value (when continuous working time is greater than 8 hours)
Temperature drift: ≤0.4‰/°C (in the temperature range, the rate of change caused by temperature change)
Load effect: ≤0.5% of rated value (when the voltage changes from zero to the rated value)

Setting accuracy

Voltage: 0.1V Current: 0.1A

Ripple rms

≤0.3% (output is the highest voltage, maximum current)
Specially customizable ≤0.1% rated high precision low ripple output

Soft start time


Way of working

Long-term full load continuous operation.

Display method

Voltage and current display

LED digital tube display or smart LCD display (optional)

Adjustment method

Voltage and current regulation

1: Multi-turn potentiometer adjustment, 2: rotary encoder + button, 3: touch (optional)

Safety characteristics

Protection method

Overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat, phase loss, short circuit automatic alarm protection

Boot shock

≤1% rated voltage

Transient response time


Insulation characteristics

Dielectric strength

Input-output: AC1500V, 10mA, 1 minute

Input - Case: AC1500V, 10mA, 1 minute

Output - Chassis: AC500V, 10mA, 1

Insulation resistance

Insulation resistance


cool down

cooling method

Air-cooled, water-cooled, oil-cooled (according to user choice)

Environmental requirements

Use environment

Use place: indoor. Temperature: -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C Air humidity: ≤ 80%

Customized (optional)


RS485 (or RS232) standard interface, PLC analog digital output interface, parallel expansion interface

Other accessibility features

One-way pulse, bidirectional pulse, special waveform, constant power control, etc.

Remarks: The maximum output power of this series is 500KW. The upper limit of output voltage is 10KV, and the current is 10KA. Users can choose the maximum output voltage and current value according to their needs.
User witness:
Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, BYD Auto Industry Co., Ltd., Haima Motor (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd., Hunan CSR New Energy Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou Converter Technology National Engineering Research Center Co., Ltd., Ningbo CSR New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd., Suzhou Instantang New Energy Electronic Control Equipment Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Motor Electric Co., Ltd., General Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shandong Shifeng Group, Jiangsu Linyang Group, Beijing Petra Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Tyco Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. . . . .
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