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Brand Concept

Brand Concept

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The power transformation manufacturing expert is the core concept of Ding Hua's brand. Ding Hua, in a professional and dedicated spirit, creates a green, efficient, safe and energy-saving power conversion product for customers, and provides customers with the best application solutions, and with the efforts of the green power industry to promote a healthy, rapid forward development.

Ding Hua is along the brand development path gradually become the core enterprise of China power supply industry. In 2012, the company pioneered a brand-specific direct sales model, with its first office in Beijing and the company now has several offices across the country. Continuous and effective brand promotion continuously accumulates and enhances the brand value of Ding Hua, which is widely recognized, recognized and loved by many sectors of the society, and its high-end brand image at all the major international and domestic professional fairs, has attracted the attention of the industry as well as the community.