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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

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Corporate Culture is the gene of enterprise inheritance and development. Today, we are facing more and more fierce competition in globalization. Enterprises should not only compete in technology, products, markets and capital, but also form competitive human advantages, and continuously through absorption and integration, to enable organizations to upgrade and adapt systematically to more complex and dynamic competitive environments and to achieve sustainable development space. Ding Hua advocates an inclusive and open corporate culture that emphasizes teamwork while stimulating innovation.


The cultural characteristics of Dinghua


Ding: accurate and decisive decision-making, robust action, strong driving force.

Hua: to inherit Chinese Science and technology, the People's aspiration to become a city and the unity of purpose. Hua is rich in knowledge, and has the comprehensive ability of continuous learning, innovation, discovery, analysis and solution, knowledge and practice.


The core elements of Dingaishi Culture

Employees: employees are an important resource for the competitiveness of the enterprise. They have full respect for the staff, help them grow, provide the space and stage for their career development, and make employees realize their self-worth, transform your knowledge, wisdom, talents, skills and skills into creative material production activities and share the business results with employees. CUSTOMER: Adhere to the customer-centered, to meet the needs of customers for the advancement of the enterprise, customer satisfaction is the best return to the enterprise. Partners: Partners include shareholders, distributors, suppliers, individuals, organisations, and partners in a wide range of corporate macrocosm and microcosm such as capital, markets, technology, supply chains, etc, to abide by the principles of good faith, win-win, equality, justice and transparency, and to maximize the achievement and even exceed the target.


The cultural spirit of Ding Hua

In every action and summary, the Ding Hua people constantly examine themselves, excavate the potential, with "enterprising, innovative, honest, professional" as the spiritual creed and the code of conduct, and through a variety of corporate cultural activities to make every member understand and identify with the enterprising: enterprising is the wisdom and the wealth, with the firm determination to move forward, fully excavate self-potential, constantly learn to ascend, always full of passion and vitality. INNOVATION: to continuously improve and innovate the technology, process, process and management in the spirit of unremitting exploration. Honesty: In good faith, in good faith. Enterprises and each member adhere to the correct values, both inside and outside, adults reach out to themselves. DEDICATION: respect for professional ethics, hard work, outstanding tasks, pursuit of success, to excellence. The more you set your goals.