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development history


  • 2005year

    The company was formally established and successfully applied high-power high-frequency switching power supplies in the field of heavy ion research in cooperation with Peking University


  • 2006year

    The first to launch a stand-alone 10~30kW high-frequency switching power supply and was successfully used by Foxconn, Suzhou Darfon, AUO, etc.
  • 2006year

    The ZJGD-20k special equipment power supply dedicated power supply was successfully applied, and it was highly praised by the leaders of related users.


  • 2007year

    According to IEC61215, UL1703 and other standards, it is the first to design and manufacture multi-channel solar module open circuit detection system and mechanical load system in China, and it is widely used by many module manufacturers


  • 2008year

    Take the lead in launching a constant power high frequency switching power supply with a single unit power of 120kW, and it has been successfully used by Jiangsu Linyang Group and many other units
  • 2008year

    Take the lead in launching PVA solar battery characteristic simulation power supply, serving many Chinese inverter companies


  • 2009year

    Take the lead in launching wireless remote control power supply, successfully used in special places such as solid waste landfill harmless treatment, metallurgy, etc.


  • 2010year

    No. 1 in the market share of special high-power high-frequency switching power supplies in China


  • 2011year

    Introduced single-machine 10---50kW high-power soft-switching power supply, which quickly occupied the market with its high efficiency, high power density, low grid pollution, and capacity expansion
  • 2011year

    The soft-switching power supply is matched by many medical CT machine manufacturers at home and abroad due to its small size, low radiation and high power density.


  • 2012year

    Designed and produced 300kW (40kW 8 parallel) photovoltaic grid-connected power inverter simulation power supply for Jiangsu Megavolt Aesop and successfully delivered it.
  • 2012year

    Provided 1500V70A DC power supply for the resource exploration national 863 project undertaken by Jilin University. The product has been highly praised by the experts of the project team for its long-term full-load work, small size, light weight (only 200kg), easy field handling, and good stability.


  • 2013year

    Provided high-tech DC power supply for Hangzhou Wolong Electric and Zhengzhou Haima New Energy Automobile Motor Performance Test Project. Among them, Haima Automobile’s PBA400-400A power supply adopts bipolar soft switching technology. The product can realize multi-machine parallel connection and the system capacity can be expanded to 20MW. Internationally leading performance.


  • 2014year

    The State Grid NARI New Energy Vehicle Charging Pile Project provides high-tech active electronic loads, and a single 2000V135A DC charging power supply system for the Ningbo CSR New Energy Energy Storage Capacitor Project, which has been well received by project experts.


  • 2015year

    The company's production building was completed and put into use; in the same year, it became a qualified supplier of BYD, CRRC, and Dongfeng Electric.


  • 2016year

    The company's R&D office building was completed, and the JAD high-frequency film ripple test power supply was successfully delivered to BYD.


  • 2017year

    We successfully declared 11 patents, 9 other utility patents have been authorized, and 2 invention patents are under review.


  • 2018year

    We are working hard...